Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Circle of Life

Many years ago the animated movie The Lion King made the song The Circle of Life by Elton John a huge hit. The movie was a great movie and made all of us think about the beauty of life and how death and life must co-exist here on Earth. I am reminded of another Circle of Life though, one that can be either positive or negative on each one of us.

Just yesterday I had a client share that they were molested by their step father when they were younger. They also went on to say that their step fathers excuse was that he only did it to show her how much he loved her. Her brother also took part in the molestations for a while. Years later the brother did seek forgiveness and recognized his wrong doing and my client was able to offer that forgiveness. The client was also able to forgive her step father and her mother for their roles in this as well. Although she is now an adult with a child and grand child of her own, she has held on to a very unhealthy Circle of Life that stems back to that point in time. Although intellectually she knew what her step father said made no sense, she believed it in her heart. She held on to the thought that the only way for a man to "love" her was for her to open up to them sexually. This idea was unintentionally passed down to her oldest daughter. The Circle of Life was one of an unhealthy and completely wrong idea of love. Unless the client finds a way to break that circle and in turn teach her daughter how to break that circle it will continue. In the same way negative ideas and lifestyles can be passed down from generation to generation, so can positive ideas and lifestyles.

If you are caught in a negative Circle of Life that has been passed down from generation to generation then it's time to break that circle and embrace a new future for you and your loved ones. You can only break the cycle by deliberately choosing a healthy and positive lifestyle that is reflected in your personality, attitude, and most importantly your behavior.