Monday, November 7, 2011


Are you a motivated person? Do you have clear dreams? How about a logical action plan?

Many people today try living their life without dreams or goals. They live a life without direction, allowing circumstances to make their decisions for them. Even those people who have dreams and goals often find themselves frustrated because they can’t figure out how to reach them. They may feel “stuck” or “caught in a rut”. Can you imagine living your life in a “rut”? Many people do just that.

We have all felt “stuck” at some time in our life. We can feel this way in many different areas of our life. Often we may feel caught in one area while moving ahead in other areas. It can be more frustrating spinning your wheels trying to get out of the rut than it is just being caught in that rut. This is usually because we have tried everything we know to get moving again and it just isn’t working.

Many years ago individuals in professional trades often had apprentices who learned the trade from their master. The apprentice would study the trade and then have hands on practice until they became a master. If the apprentice became stuck the master was always available to help them. Our society has changed and many people value their independence so much that it blocks them from reaching their ultimate goals. We are often afraid of admitting that we need help with something. Those who do seek help have historically been called weak. That is far from the truth. The truth is that individuals who seek help when they become stuck are the smart ones. They have chosen to attain their goals and dreams over choosing to be stuck in their human pride.

Motivation can be both intrinsic and extrinsic. Of course, the best would be to have an intrinsic motivation that is not swayed by outside circumstances. Unfortunately, we don’t always “feel” motivated. We often don’t want to do what we need to do to achieve our goals. The most important tool to have in our arsenal is a good support network. In our support network we should try to develop relationships with individuals who could serve as “mentors” in various aspects of our lives. We should also have a web of friendships who can support us through the good and bad times.

If you are feeling “stuck”, it’s important that you share with your network of close friends. Allow them to come alongside you and encourage you. And, as always, be prepared to do this for them when they need your encouragement. If you still can’t find a way out, seek out wise counsel. This may be in the form of a mentor or even a Therapist.

“There is a false belief within our society that to be a winner you have to hit a home run each and every time you go to hit the ball. In reality very few human beings can turn out these sorts of averages. Simply, a winner keeps trying to hit the ball until he hits more than he misses; losers quit." - Author Unknown